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sábado, 27 de marzo de 2010

The trip

What is life but a continuous trip? Through time, through experience, through space, through your body, through your mind. Mainly a trip through your mind, that is or should be, changing a little everyday. That is the best characteristic of an open mind, the capacity to change its own rules.
I have tasted that when you travel around the world you are practising open your mind, you are spreading yourself. And not only with the culture and the people you meet in the other countries, but also with the single experience of moving, of sleeping in a different bed every night, you are recovering the nomadic spirit of our origins, you are living in the highest sense of life, life as an adventure. Because I think that in our daily routine, in our repetitions of habits and thoughts, we are getting lost, we are forgetting day by day the magic of life.
So, I recommend everyone to travel, although there isn´t an apparent reason, move away from your world to meet yourself.

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  1. jajaja

    of sleeping in a different bed every night

  2. jajajaja weno yo me referia en el sentido mas inocente de la frase. aunke en el otro sentido tampoco esta mal,jajaja